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Acol and the three Kingdoms, is a full-length feature animation film, set during the era of the  Pharoahs, and Candaces (Queens) in Sub-Sahara Africa, that we need your help in creating, and bringing to the screens. By using traditional hand drawn animation techniques similar to that of Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog”, this family film filled with humour, adventure, love and action is sure to captivate the audiences, having something to offer for everyone, everywhere! 

Originally a YA Novel, we couldn't just leave it there, with such visual treasures that would be amazing on the big screens. Acol and the three Kingdoms is about a prophecy from a peculiar oracle that “…One shall unite and rule the Three Kingdoms…”

A Prophecy that triggers three Rulers to act on becoming the one ultimate Ruler. However their actions become a catalyst for a young King (Duany) bent on vengeance, and a free-spirited woman (Acol) who seeks nothing else but freedom, from her mundane community and overprotective father. A father whose grave past threatens to expose itself, and consume all that she has known and loved.

Paths are destined to be crossed, Obstacles are many... and a prophecy that must be fulfilled.

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NDD Productions are working on bringing to your little ones Soft plush toys of their favourite characters from the Nyiwech and Friends Series. To be kept updated subscribe to our newsletter. Coming very soon there is Adut (as shown in the image), Deng, Nyiwech and Wani. While watching the new season episodes or reading the books your little ones can be snuggled up to one of the toys. 

  • Embroidered facial feature
  • Embroidered name at the bottom of the shoe
  • Height 37 inches
  • Suitable for all ages


click on the SHOP button and purchase one of our books from the series, to read for and with the children. More books will be coming out soon: 1. Getting My Hair Done, 2. Uncle Joseph's Farm, 3. About Nyiwech, 4. Naming The New Baby.


OUT NOW DVD of Nyiwech and Friends Melanin Season 1

Nyiwech and Friends Melanin Season 1 DVD is out now for purchase. With 5 Episodes: 1. Melanin (teaching about the importance of your skin colour), 2. Naming the New Baby (teaching kids how to cope with a new baby), 3. Counting to Ten (how to count to ten), 4. The Kush Kingdom (teaching about the history of kush through a bedtime story), and 5. The New Boy Kenyua (teaching about Kenya and also helping new kids in classrooms).


The production company that brought you Nyiwech and Friends are currently in production of a new show called "Achan and Ngor Storytime"

nyiwech and friendsnyiwech and friendsa series about twin siblings who with the help of their appointed fairy tackle the issues kids go through.

Also we are soooooo excited about this, they are also working on a nilotic princess 2D animated film called "Achol And The Three Kingdoms" you can have a sneak peak at the characters reveal here: 



Want your CHILD to be BILINGUAL in this new emerging Africa with endless and wonderful opportunities? Give your children the right tools with Nyiwech and Friends Interactive Segment - Greetings in 5 African Languages. Some of the languages included are Twi (Ghana), Moynjang (South Sudan), Swahili (Kenya/Tanzania) and so much more. Why not pre-order Season 1 DVD and get over 50 minutes worth of education, entertainment and information. 

Nyiwech and Friends




Nyiwech and Friends


Want your kids to learn to count either in Twi (Ghana), Yoruba (Nigeria), Swahili (Kenya), Naath, Moynjang, Bari, Shilluk, Luo (South Sudan) or in English, why not let them learn and have fun with our interactive segment Counting to 10, in Season 1 DVD

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