About Our Series

"I'm a substitute teacher who plans on using this for my next class assignment." Zack R.

As parents with an African background (or non Africans who have adopted or raising african children), switch on their t.v and browse the kids channels for something educational for their toddlers and kids to watch, major studios have dominated the channels with cartoons that African kids cannot relate to or learn about  their history or languages.

The Nyiwech and Friends show helps these kids at a young age:

-Find a sense of belonging in the world

-build their social identity in their ancestry and cultural heritage

-be confident of who they are and proud to be identified for the colour of their skin

-Aspire with confidence to do great things and have a positive role model


 As well as challenging them and engaging them to learn whilst having fun in African geography, Maths, Problem Solving, etc... Cultural confidence is a key element in the social development of African children everywhere.

So move over Peppa Pig and Dora the Explorer theres a new girl in town and her name is Nyiwech. Nyiwech is a fun, witty and curious 3 year old that will take you and your kids on an adventure tackling everyday issues kids and parents face alike, and teaching them about the African Continent, history, and languages.

"...I instantly fell in love with Nyiwech..." Ayen G.

Please click here to listen to the radio interview we had with VOA Voice of America news team.

She is adorable, entertaining, educational and fun a few of the words are fan base on facebook and youtube have described our lead character. 

Currently right now a lot of parents find it very difficult to find educational and positive cartoons for their pre-school kids and children to watch, and that was why Nyiwech and Friends series was born.